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Envirodri products awarded new CleanSeal certification

Cleantec Innovation CleanSeal Approved Products

Alongside our WoolSafe approved carpet and upholstery cleaning products, we are proud to announce that we are now also CleanSeal certified and will now be carrying this mark of quality on our products.

Envirodri Products awarded new CleanSeal certification

The CleanSeal certification is a brand-new testing and accreditation programme, underwritten by the Woolsafe organisation, and is for cleaning products which are suitable for use on carpets and fabrics made from synthetic fibres.

Our products, which were awarded with the certification on 1st September 2018, meet a long list of strict testing criteria to ensure safety, quality, performance and are guaranteed to have the following characteristics:

• Industry standard performance for the purpose for which they are intended
• No adverse effect on re-soiling
• No adverse effect on the colour
• Within safe pH limits
• Non-hazardous and possess no other safety-related issues

The new CleanSeal certification applies to our specialist carpet and upholstery products including  Pro 40  Envirodri Microsponges ,  Pro 41  Envirodri Spot Remover  and  Pro 43  Envirodri Pre-Cleaner.

We strive to manufacture products which provide a positive impact on both environment and cleaning performance and are delighted to receive the new certification. For more information, please visit the  CleanSeal website , or, to request our certificates, please  contact us  and we will be happy to provide them for you.