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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement



This annual Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement provides information to supplement our Slavery and Human Trafficking policy. In this statement we set out the steps we have taken during the financial year to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in our supply chains, or in any part of our own business. We include details of our activities, supply chains and the actions we have taken and are taking to ensure that modern slavery is not deliberately or inadvertently supported by us. The content of our modern slavery statement will evolve over time, to demonstrate a year-on-year improvement outlining practical progress on how we are tackling the risks and incidence of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains.

Statement of commitment

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business. This policy applies to all persons who act on our behalf in any capacity, including employees at all levels: directors, consultants, contractors, agency workers, volunteers, interns, business partners and our supply chain.

Our business structure, business, and supply chain

The business activities of Monarch Chemicals are described within the management systems as the sale, storage, repacking, blending and distribution of chemicals.

Monarch’s Head Office is located at the Kent Science Park in Sittingbourne (Kent) and operates two sites located at Sheerness (Kent) & Cumbernauld (North Lanarkshire). The business supplements the activities from these sites by utilising the facilities at several 3rd party warehouses.

The business distributes products into a wide variety of markets including agriculture & horticulture, food & drink, pulp & paper, and water treatment, principally within the United Kingdom.

The supply chains within the chemical sector are complex, Monarch sources products from manufacturers, traders, and distributors in several key territories including the United Kingdom, European Union, Turkey, India, South Korea, and China.

Policies and responsibility

The following policies help us to identify and prevent modern slavery in our organisation:

  • Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy
  • Assessment and Approval of Suppliers & Sub-Contractors
  • Conducts and Standards

The following senior staff manager(s) has/have responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of our policies:

  • Managing Director
  • Technical Director
  • Commercial Manager
  • Operations Director

Risk assessments

The business recognises that a significant number of the chemicals it supplies are manufactured outside of the United Kingdom & European Union where there are strong legislative influences on businesses. In other territories where there may be less regulatory oversight, or it is more difficult for Monarch to have developed a physical relationship, there may be an increased risk within the supply chain.

Monarch assesses all new suppliers & sub-contractors as part of its normal management system processes, and then conducts re-evaluation of these businesses on a periodic basis.

As part of the assessment & reassessment process several questions will be asked and information requested, the specific information will be determined by the supplier and the risk they present to the business.

One of the key tools within this process is the use of 3rd party verified management systems such as ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 as they confirm that a competent person and/or organisation has viewed key element of the business in person, including legislative compliance and resource management.

Due diligence

Our business undertakes a range of activities to ensure that there is no slavery and human trafficking in the business and supply chain.

The processes described above relating to the assessment & reassessment of suppliers and sub-contractors are the key tool used to endure we deal with reputable businesses who have a responsible attitude towards Slavery and Human Trafficking.

Where Monarch feels that a supplier or sub-contractor presents a risk to the business the initial action will be to attempt to engage with them, however if this approach does not result in the required improvements consideration will be given to ending the business relationship until the issues have been resolved.

Training and raising awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking issues

The following training has been provided within our business to staff this year:

  • Reading & understanding of the Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Duncan Stanley
Technical Director

4th March 2023

Download Monarch Chemicals Annual Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement