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Complete cleaning solutions for the hospitality industry 

From external Hotel Management Services and contract cleaners to your own housekeeping teams we have a proven track record in the hotel industry to provide carpet cleaning solutions that deliver big results in very little time.

Since the 1990s we have been working with highly experienced hotel professionals to tailor a product offering that meets the demands and challenges of hotel cleaning and maintenance and helps to improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability even in the most restrictive situations.

As one of the biggest investments in a hotel along with just one fleeting chance to make that lasting first impression the cleaning and maintenance of hotel carpets is of the highest priority. But how often can a deep clean happen? If using hot water extraction (HWE) or steam cleaning the main complaints are that the equipment is hard to use, difficult to set up and the hoses trailing along hallways and stairs is dangerous for staff and guests alike. Not only this, the drying time is too long resulting in rooms being closed and heating having to be in operation even in the summer to speed up the process.

With dry carpet cleaning there are none of these issues. In fact, using a dry carpet cleaning system in your hotel can save you money where cleaning can be carried out at any time of the day and not a single room, area or bar needs to be closed during or after cleaning.

The Envirodri system is quick to set up, easy to use, fast, effective and requires no water sources so downtime is eliminated, and your guests can enjoy clean, fluffy, vibrant and fresh smelling carpets all year round – creating a luxury, home from home experience.

Why choose the Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System

  • No drying time = no down time. Rooms, restaurants and bars remain open during and immediately after cleaning 
  • Tackle large spillages and stains as soon as they happen - Set up and clean an area in seconds
  • No need to be near a water source
  • No need to dispose of large volumes of water helping to keep water consumption levels down 
  • No trailing hoses and pipes 
  • No need for industrial fans to be used after cleaning 
  • Carpets can be cleaned during a daily housekeeping room clean
  • Restore crushed carpets 
  • No sticky residues, strong detergents or damp smells 
  • Protects carpet all year round keeping it in its best possible shape 
  • Ideal for daily carpet maintenance alongside vacuuming, post-function floor cleans and scheduled deep carpet cleans

For more information on the system please browse through our product range