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Cleaning innovation for the healthcare industry 

Exceptional hygiene and the implementation of best working practices are absolutely vital to prevent the spread of germs through health care facilities. With a busy schedule, unpredictable working patterns, patients vulnerable to infection and 24/7 occupancy, maintaining a high-quality standard may be challenging – but it can be done.

Residential and care home cleaning in particular requires a well thought-out strategy in order to minimise disruption but deliver big results. This is where the Envirodri Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System can assist in achieving your cleaning goals whilst improving indoor air quality.

When you think of carpet cleaning you think of disruption, upheaval, long drying times and a risk of damp. This is never the case with the Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System. Our waterless system eliminates stains and malodour within minutes allowing you to clean around a resident’s schedule – no matter how restrictive – in order to keep rooms, hallways and communal spaces fresh, vibrant, clean and hygienic.

With no sticky detergents or masses of water, the use of Envirodri products in a care home is essential to provide a safe and healthy homely environment.