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Top 20 cleanliness issues that wind up all office workers

Top 20 cleanliness issues that wind up all office workers

Do you sit at your office desk each day, clocking up a tally in your head of all the awful things your colleagues do, or are you guilty of any of these top 20 cleanliness issues that wind up all office workers?

Top 20 cleanliness issues that wind up all office workers

Office life is great. A wondrous open-plan hive buzzing with energy, creativity and the loud murmur of deals being made over the phone. Remember when you got your first job in an office? Being guided to your desk by your new manager whilst being utterly overwhelmed by the fact you have your own computer, your own phone and a three drawer lockable cabinet all to yourself? All of a sudden you felt like you had made it in life and your lazy, adolescent nonchalance about cleanliness and appearance slowly fell away from you as you took your first, suited steps into the world of business.

Fast forward a few months to only find yourself glaring over the top of your computer screen at the new temp slurping coffee every other second of the day, sloshing it across the desk with every animated movement whilst the smell of cheap, instant granules hangs in your nostrils like a caffeine coated storm-cloud of hate.

As you sit at your desk each day, you notice things about these people you’ve been thrown together with - gradually clocking up the tally in your head of things your colleagues do that will eventually lead you to sending out that delightful passive-aggressive circular in the hopes of changing things.

So, are you guilty of any of these top 20 office cleanliness issues that wind up your fellow colleagues?

1.   Leaving your desk at the end of the day with at least 1 filthy mug on it.
2.   Happily sitting next to a waste bin yet allowing waste and rubbish to pile up around you on your desk and floor.
3.   Never loading or unloading the dishwasher (because the crockery fairies do that while you sleep)
4.   Re-heating a concoction of garlic, fish and ignorance for lunch in the shared microwave and walking through the open plan office to feast on the offensive lunchtime treat.
5.   Leaving said container on the side of the desk for the rest of the day.
6.   Poor personal hygiene.
7.   On a similar note, marinating in heavy, ultra-strength perfume or aftershave.
8.   A desk space cluttered in dust-gathering stress toys and other gimmicky promotional items collected over the years of employment.
9.   Using the kitchen facilities and never cleaning up afterwards.
10.   Not clearing away rubbish after eating in the canteen.
11.   Forgetting to wash hands after using the toilet.
12.   Chewing pens, pencils and any other item within grabbing distance during meetings, presentations and at the desk.
13.   Pushing down shredder waste rather than just emptying the receptacle resulting in tiny little strands of chewed up paper being tracked around the office.
14.   Dragging your infectiously ill self into work to look good but in reality just end up spluttering germs around whilst being generally unable to work as expected.
15.   Leaving food in the fridge to expire and decompose. There isn’t a weekly stock check or rotation – you’re expected to know what you brought in and when.
16.   Leaving little puddles of water over the sink counter tops in the washroom
17.   Standing on chairs, tables or other office equipment not intended for use as a step-ladder or foot rest.
18.   Coughing, sneezing or throat clearing without covering your mouth.
19.   Allowing dust, food and other dirt to build up on your keyboard because it never gets cleaned.
20.   Never wiping feet on the entrance matting so rain, mud, grit and leaves are forever tracked around the office.

Office life doesn’t need to be a strain or a constant struggle for cleanliness. If you know anyone guilty of any of these office issues you’re not alone in your silent rage!

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