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How to Clean Rubber Stud Safety Flooring

How to Clean Rubber Stud Safety Flooring

With its bumps and crevices, rubber stud flooring can prove difficult to clean, however, with the right approach you can ensure it lasts a lifetime. 

How to Clean Rubber Stud Safety Flooring

You will normally find rubber stud flooring in public areas where the focus on hygiene is key such as hospitals, nursing homes, sports centres, pools and spas. However, in recent years, rubber flooring has become an interesting and fashionable flooring choice, being used in high-end hotels, showrooms and even within the home interiors market.

The reason – because it is strong, durable, hygienic and, if well maintained, will last for years. It is available in a vast choice of colours (think magenta, lime greens, deep reds) and with intricate geometric patterns to complement you’re now just as likely to walk across rubber studded flooring in a new artisan micro coffee shop as you are to see it in a hospital.

Rubber stud floor cleaning & maintenance

The good thing about rubber stud floor is that it is incredibly enduring and offers a water-tight seal, so cleaning and maintenance is simple needing no ultra specific or expensive cleaning products. Having said that, of course, you should always double check before using any off the shelf product, but your best bet will be to use a biological cleaning solution, which is free from solvents or caustic ingredients.

How to clean rubber stud safety flooring

Step One:
Remove any loose dirt and debris by thoroughly sweeping the area or using a vacuum cleaner. Keep an eye out for hard debris which might scratch the surface when swept as over time, dirt can build up in these scratches and make the flooring look permanently dirty.

Step Two:
Once the surface is debris-free simply use a mop (dolly mop or spin mop is recommended) and a good floor cleaner. Due to the nature of the flooring there are a lot of bumps and hard to reach crevices which a standard floor cleaner will not reach. We recommend using a biological floor cleaning solution. This product not only has the ability to penetrate into microscopic pores and indentations to degrade and remove grime, it also continues to work long after application. If you are dealing with a large area, particularly one with heavy footfall, it would be better to use the detergent in a cleaning machine like the  i-mop scrubber dryer. The different grades of brushes available, coupled with the weight of the machine pressing down on the bristles, will ensure you get the best clean first time.

Tips for on-going maintenance:

Firstly, and most importantly, consider carefully where the rubber studded flooring will be positioned as direct sunlight can cause dis-colouration and fading, especially on the more bold/vibrant colours. This fading can over time begin to look like staining and no amount of cleaning will be able to restore it. Secondly, avoid at all costs dragging sharp edged or heavy furniture across rubber flooring without protecting it first. This will scuff and scratch the surface allowing dirt and grime to build up in these new crevices. Finally, consider areas where there is likely to be a build up or dirt or where there will be heavy footfall. Place protective mats in doorways and ensure furniture, chairs and large items are fitted with protective stoppers on the feet/bottom to avoid indentations and scratches.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure your rubber stud flooring remains in perfect condition. For information on our recommended floor cleaners or to buy please  contact us .

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