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How to remove odour from any surface

How to remove odour from any surface

From waste bins to washroom surfaces, malodour has a way of fixing itself onto any surface. The first step to complete odour removal - get rid of the source

How to remove odour from any surface

From waste and recycling bins through to carpets and fabrics malodour has a way of fixing itself onto a surface to showcase how dirty an area really is. Most of the time when a surface looks visibly clean yet emits an unpleasant odour we’ll reach for a heavily perfumed ‘deodoriser’. The problem with this method is that yes, it will temporarily mask anything unpleasant, however it won’t actually do anything to remove the smell. The molecules causing the odour will still be there, so once the fragrance has evaporated, the odour will return.

How do I remove odour?

The best method for eliminating odour from any surface is with a biological product . Biological solutions contain a completely natural, active ‘probiotic’ formulation. Once applied to an odourous surface, the live biological solution targets the odour causing molecules and breaks them down to completely remove even the most pungent of smells!

Sounds too good to be true! Talk me through this process

The process a biological product uses to eliminate odour is simple chemistry. All odours are made up of a molecular structure. These molecules are all present in a very specific order which emits odour. Once a biological solution is applied, the active ingredients break down the molecules and completely alter the structure which in turn removes the odour. The odour is quite literally obliterated.

So what is the difference between biological and regular deodorisers?

Quite simply a standard deodoriser or product which claims to refresh will most likely be a solution of water and strong perfumes. This will do nothing to clean or remove odour, all it will do is mask it for a very short period. Likewise, a product may claim to ‘encapsulate’ odour. This will add a barrier over the odour to reduce any bad smells but again, will not remove it and after a short period the odours will return. Compared to these methods, the biological solution targets the source of odour, ‘eats it’ and therefore eliminates it by removing the source.

How Biological Odour Eliminators Work

So there you have it, the key to complete odour removal is a biological product. To find out more and try it for yourself click here   to find out more about our biological odour remover.