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How important is carpet cleaning?

How important is carpet cleaning?

From dust mites and mould, to trapped pollutants and allergens we explain why a clean carpet is vital to good health

It may not seem it but one of the most important areas to maintain is the carpet. A regular carpet cleaning maintenance plan not only improves the appearance of your carpet and business, it can also extend the life of your carpet as well as provide a far healthier environment.

The first step in great carpet care is all about the maintenance – basically vacuuming regularly, keeping the dirt outside and removing and any spills as quickly as possible. This is perfect to keep floors generally clean but no matter how exceptional your housekeeping habits are – your carpet will still need a deep clean occasionally.

What are the benefits of deep cleaning carpets? 

Thorough carpet cleaning will eliminate any trapped pollutants:

Carpets act like a trap – keeping dust and allergens out of the air we breathe. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirty carpet can retain several sources of indoor air pollutants from everyday dust and dirt to pet dander, lead and particle pollution. Toxic airborne gases can adhere to these particles and also get trapped within the carpet. These toxic gases can be released through everyday activities such as just walking across the carpet, which then contaminate the air.

Simply put, what falls on to the carpet tends to stay trapped in the carpet until it is removed - through either vacuuming or professional cleaning.

Reduces the risk of a dust mite infestation:

Dust mites themselves aren’t allergens, but they often leave behind faeces and body fragments that are. Because the creatures are microscopic you may have an infestation without being aware!

Due to the size of these particles they can easily be inhaled when the carpeted area is being disturbed – which then can exacerbate allergies. Where are dust mites likely to thrive? Cool, dark carpeted areas out of direct exposure to sunlight so when cleaning make sure you concentrate on corners, underneath objects and in dimly lit rooms. 

Inhibits mould growth:

Especially in areas with high humidity levels, dirty carpets are at a high risk of developing mould growth when exposed to moisture. In precipitous weather, moisture frequently gets tracked into the carpet and can sink deep in the carpet fibers if not dried and vacuumed immediately.

By eliminating moisture through a regular cleaning routine you will prevent any mould growth – which can be harmful if ignored for too long.

How should I clean my carpets? 

To ensure your carpets are well cleaned, we recommend using an  upright vacuum  (not tub vac) with a rotating brush which will lift out any dry dirt that is deep within carpet pile. When vacuuming, always vacuum in a north to south, east to west direction making sure all areas are covered and gone over. 

As for deep carpet cleaning, your choice of method - whether this is low moisture, hot water extraction, encapsulation or any other alternatives depends upon the area being cleaned, the condition of the carpet and how your business operates. For more information, and to see if dry carpet cleaning is right for you, our blog post 'what is dry carpet cleaning' will be a great place to start.