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How to choose the right entrance barrier matting

Entrance barrier matting

Having a good entrance matting system in place improves safety and cleanliness and reduces the risk of liability from potential slip and fall accidents

How to choose the right entrance barrier matting

The majority of business owners and facility managers are well versed in the importance of good entrance matting, after all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and these mats help to reduce the level of tracked in dirt and moisture from the outside, helping to keep lobbies, receptions and entranceways clean.

When it comes to interior design however an entrance matting system is very often an after-thought or quick decision when really it serves an incredibly important function in maintaining an entrance space whilst contributing to the overall aesthetics. One of the biggest investments a business, such as hotel or office invests in is carpet, and entrance matting is key to preserving the quality, condition and lifespan of carpet as much as a carpet cleaning schedule.

For example, did you know 80% of carpet dirt and moisture is tracked into buildings from the soles of shoes? So, when it comes to carpet cleaning, prevention is so much cheaper than a cure! The correct entrance matting not only reduces the risks of hazards but also significantly lowers your annual floor and maintenance costs by acting as a first defence against outside dirt and grime.

Select the location of your entrance matting system

Entrance matting usually consists of two zones – external and internal. These mats should be carefully selected to meet the particular demand of the building’s location – including weather and traffic levels. For example, footwear in a rural location is likely to carry more moisture and larger dirt particles than a central city location.

TIP – Traffic levels need to be calculated on the total number of crossings per day instead of the total number of building occupants.

External Entrance Matting

Place a scraper style mat outside the entrance. Most people will see this and automatically wipe their feet, often without thinking.

With scraper matting look out for dual fibre loop systems over traditional cut pile – these will trap, hide and retain dirt.

Internal Entrance Matting

Place a 100% textile construction to target any remaining soil and moisture.

Granite, marble, hardwood and ceramic tile are all popular coverings used in commercial buildings. Tracked in dirt can cause damage such as scuff marks, scratches and staining. Matting can eliminate damage by removing particles from shoes before reaching the interior flooring.

Choosing the correct commercial entrance mat

Fitting the wrong mat may not only cause damage to expensive stone and marble flooring, but additional dirt and moisture may increase the risk of slips and trips.

It’s a mistake to believe that any mat will do - traditionally mats in heavy traffic areas have been low performance and often need further mats in entryways to provide adequate functionality.

TIP – A mat with a rubber backing installed on carpeted surfaces will provide floor stability and broader resistance.

Some fibre matting products are better than others at hiding dirt, but even when dirt can’t be seen daily vacuuming is extremely important. We always recommend a high suction, upright vacuum cleaner such as the Lindhaus Dynamic 380e .

Health and Safety

Having a good matting system in place improves safety and reduces the risk of liability from potential slip and fall accidents.

Watch out for inferior matting that curls at the edges or slides on the floor which can result in a hazard, working against the safety benefit!

Along with dirt and moisture, chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants can be tracked in on the soles of shoes. An efficient entrance system will help reduce exposure to hazardous particles and chemical pollutants.


Mat manufacturing has evolved over the years, with the market full of textile mats and matting systems that provide an attractive protection against dust, dirt and moisture.

The savings to be made from the cost of cleaning alone should be factored in when choosing entrance matting that will stop dirt and water at the door.

Once installed, maintaining your entrance matting system is just as important as the mat itself. Using our dry carpet cleaning system , will maintain your entrance mats and carpets for life. As it doesn’t add any water to floors there are no risks of sticky residues, damp odours or water marks.

To find out more about how dry carpet cleaning will fit into your business and entrance matting maintenance plans, click here .