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PRO 41 Envirodri Carpet Spot Remover

Product Code: PRO41

Pro 41 Envirodri Carpet Spot Remover has been specially developed to effectively remove the toughest spots and spills from all types of carpet and fabric. The unique cleaning formulation effortlessly lifts and breaks down dirt and carpet stains for fast, effective removal. This product can be used on all washable carpet and fabric types and will not leave behind any sticky residues ensuring  carpets and fabrics stay cleaner for longer. 

Ideal for tackling spillages as soon as they happen and for set spots and stains on carpet and upholstery. 

Product Details

  • Suitable for use on most carpets and fabrics including both natural and manmade fibres and yarns
  • Residue free


6 x 500ml Trigger Spray Bottles RTU
2 x 5 Litre RTU