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Essential products for clean carpets this Christmas

Essential products for clean carpets this Christmas

To help prevent any post-Christmas blues we’ve compiled our top recommendations of essential products for clean carpets this Christmas

Essential products for clean carpets this Christmas

December is a wonderful time of year - social calendars get booked up, there is a party pretty much every day, food and drink flows in abundance and festive cheer is in the air.

However, once the parties have finished and the last mince pie has gone, a lot of people sober up to the reality that their beautiful carpets now carry the scars of the past season. Brie and cranberry canapés are trodden into the floor, wine spillages have set and taken shape and those fluorescent shots that someone couldn’t quite handle have embedded their way deep into the cream carpet fibres of function room floors across the UK.

To help prevent these post-Christmas blues we’ve put together our top recommendations of essential products for clean carpets this Christmas.

Particularly effective if used as soon as you notice a spillage, these products will ensure wine, food and winter grime doesn’t stand a chance.

PRO 39 Odour Eliminator

Whether you’re cleaning up after someone over-indulged on spiced cider or want to freshen up a room before guests arrive, this product is perfect for creating a fresh smelling, clean and inviting atmosphere.

Ideal for:
• Removing pungent malodours
• Freshening up carpets and upholstery
• Eliminating bin odours
• Preventing the return of old odours

PRO 41 Carpet Spot Remover

This product should always be handy as it is a perfect first response solution to treating spillages from wine to trodden in dirt and grime. It is also equally effective on older stains which might be discovered a few weeks too late!

Ideal for:
• Teasing out stubborn spots and stains from carpets
• Mystery black marks and unidentifiable spills
• Blotting away old, dry, heavily ingrained stains
• Using as a first response treatment in the case of wine spillages

PRO 42 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

This should be your go-to carpet cleaning product. The live, probiotic formulation rapidly breaks down and removes organic grease, grime and odours from carpet and upholstery. Cleans and removes anything from vomit to a splattered cream filled brandy snap.

Ideal for:
• Treating food and drink spillages
• Removing greasy residues
• Eliminating nasty odours
• Quickly treating spots and spills as they happen
• Deep cleaning in the New Year

PRO 40 Envirodri Microsponges  and GEN4 Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Envirodri system – Pro 40 Envirodri Microsponges and the Envirodri GEN4 carpet cleaning machine is a piece of cleaning equipment suited to all budgets and venue sizes. From daily room cleaning to preparing a carpeted function hall, the system uses a dry cleaning compound instead of water which means carpets can be in use during and immediately after cleaning. No downtime means cleaning can take place even during the most hectic of Christmas schedules.

Ideal for:
• Cleaning and removing large spillages as soon as they happen
• Pre and post event carpet cleaning
• Restoring crushed carpet pile
• Cleaning heavily soiled carpet
• Daily cleaning and maintenance
• End of season deep cleaning

Other products worth keeping handy this festive season are PRO 59 Biological Exterior Multi-Surface Cleaner and PRO 86 Quick Gloss Waterless Cleaner & Polish . Sometimes, after a particularly raucous event, you never know what you might be walking into, so it always pays to be over prepared for the worst-case scenario.

By putting together, a water-tight cleaning and maintenance schedule along with having key products in a ‘first aid’ style kit to tackle accidents as soon as they happen, you can be assured that through-out the winter months, the morning after the night before will never be a worry again.