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New alcohol-free hand sanitiser approved as effective against enveloped viruses

Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser Cleantec Innovation

A newly developed alcohol-free foaming hand sanitiser which is approved to be effective against enveloped viruses with a 99.99% kill rate has been launched by Cleantec Innovation.

New alcohol-free hand sanitiser approved as effective against enveloped viruses

Cleantec protect Alcohol-Free Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Sanitiser passes the requirements of BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13727 for bactericidal activity, BS EN 1500 for hygienic handrub, BS EN 14476 for viricidal activity and BS EN 13624 for yeasticidal activity. The innovative foaming formulation is proven to kill both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and enveloped viruses to a level of 99.99%.

Free from strong alcohols, fragrances or dyes, Cleantec protect anti-bacterial foaming hand sanitiser does not dry out the hands or sting on application making this hand sanitiser ideal for frequent, daily use.

Based in Sandwich, Kent Cleantec Innovation are known primarily as the manufacturer and supplier of the Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System as well as biological cleaning chemicals. However, adapting to current market demands they have taken the pragmatic approach to offer hand sanitisers and surface disinfection products as an add on to their services.

With demand for hand sanitisers currently exceeding the capacity of available alcohol-based production Cleantec wanted to offer an alternative that is not limited by current supply chain restrictions and, above all, fully tested and certified to exceed the performance of standard hand sanitiser products.

They also know that excessive use of alcohol-based products has an extremely detrimental effect on a person’s skin so wanted to bring to market a product that not only kills harmful bacteria and viruses, but will also not dry, damage or crack the skin with frequent use.’

Available in a range of sizes including 50ml, 150ml and 600ml plus 5Litre eco-refill packs, wall brackets and automatic touch-free dispensers, as well as the option for private label, Cleantec Innovation have ensured their offering to businesses, both large and small, meets the demands of the current marketplace and most importantly, will help play a part in reducing the spread of future infections.

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