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Pro 40 Envirodri Microsponges Dry Carpet Cleaner

Product Code: PRO40

Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder designed to be used with the Envirodri dry carpet cleaning machine or a carpet cleaning brush, this product has been designed to attract and absorb dirt and soiling from all carpet types. 

Millions of tiny 'sponge' like granules have been enhanced with a specialised blend of cleaning agents to provide optimum cleaning power. Once brushed into carpets and rugs the product gets to work absorbing odours and dirt deep within carpet pile. It is then simply vacuumed away to leave behind cleaner, fresher and newer looking carpets. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning Benefits

No downtime

One of the main benefits of dry carpet cleaning is the rapid drying time – a significant factor for 24-hour businesses and facilities. Dry carpet cleaning is exactly that, it cleans carpets whilst keeping them dry. Businesses which operate 24 hours a day or that require a quick turn-around favour this method as carpets are cleaned and can then be put back into immediate use. Traditional wet cleaning can require anything up to 48 hours to fully dry – meaning sections of a building must be fenced off or closed down completely.

Along with this, as carpets can be used during and immediately after cleaning, carpet maintenance can take place at any time convenient to the business, whether this is during peak times, early morning or overnight.

No sticky residue or water marks

Wet carpet cleaning uses vast quantities of water. By using such a volume of water the operator risks causing water damage to furniture, fixtures and of course the carpet itself. As no water or heavy liquid detergents are applied with a dry carpet cleaning powder there is no risk of watermarks or sticky residue being left behind.

No risk of shrinkage and expansion

Some types of carpet are at risk of shrinkage or expansion, which is caused by sudden dramatic changes to its temperature and moisture content. Dry carpet cleaning adds very little extra moisture to a carpet and is always room temperature so the risk of any type of shrinkage/expansion is zero.

No issues with mildew or mould

When there is a lot of moisture and limited ventilation/poor drying conditions mould or mildew can become a problem. Not only can this be costly but can also pose as a health risk to customers and staff. There is no risk of mould or mildew when dry carpet cleaning. In fact, the Envirodri dry carpet cleaning system uses environmentally responsible products so indoor air quality is never compromised.

Suitable for all carpet types

Unlike wet methods, the Envirodri dry carpet cleaning powder is suitable for all carpet types. So whether you’re cleaning on raised office flooring, commercial carpet tiles, Persian rugs, sisal or wool you will always be able to carry out your carpet maintenance using this product. Our carpet cleaning products have also passed the rigorous independent tests of the Woolsafe board and carry the ‘suitable for use on wool’ as well as the 'suitable for use on synthetic fibres' endorsements. Something you are unlikely to see with other methods.

How to use PRO40 Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Most dry dirt is found at the base of the carpet and should be removed prior to commencing cleaning. Vacuuming also assists in opening the carpet pile allowing for deep cleaning. 

Working in small areas at a time apply the dry carpet cleaning powder directly to the carpet and brush in using the Envirodri GEN4  Dry carpet cleaning machine or other dry extraction carpet cleaning machine. Leave for a few minutes to allow the compound to dissolve and absorb dirt and vacuum away. For treating heavily soiled areas use PRO40 Envirodri Microsponges in conjunction with PRO41 Envirodri Carpet Spot Remover PRO42 Envirodri Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner and PRO43 Envirodri Carpet Pre-Treatment

A dry carpet cleaning powder suitable for all carpets

Envirodri PRO40 Microsponges are suitable for use on all types of carpet including wool, sisal and coir and carry the Woolsafe and CleanSeal Approved mark.

CleanSeal approved  Woolsafe approved 

Product Details

  • Independently tested and certified by Woolsafe
  • Product dissolves and absorbs both oil and water based dirt
  • Removes unpleasant odours
  • Suitable for all carpet types including wool, sisal and coir
  • Suitable for use on raised access flooring
  • Carpet can be walked on during and immediately after cleaning
  • Leaves no sticky residues
  • This dry cleaning method eliminates the risk of shrinkage, watermarks, colour-running and mildew
  • Compatible with the HOST dry carpet cleaning machines including the Freestyle, Reliant and Liberator

Suitable for use on all carpet including wool, wool blends, sisal, coir, nylon, polyester, rugs and entrance matting. For more information on how this product works you can read our blog post here: How does the Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder Work?


750g of Pro 40 Microsponges will clean approximately 20mof medium soiled carpet.

1 x 10Kg Carry Bucket
2 x 10Kg Re-fill Packs
12 x 750g Pouches

Fragrances available:
Green Tea
Fresh Linen