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We debunk the misconceptions about dry carpet cleaning

We debunk the misconceptions about dry carpet cleaning

Although dry carpet cleaning technology has been used for decades it remains, in some circles, a bit of an enigma

Mythbusters! We debunk the misconceptions about dry carpet cleaning

Although dry carpet cleaning technology has been used for decades it remains, in some circles, a bit of an enigma.  A way to clean carpets without the use of water? It either sounds too good to be true, or, in some instances, ineffective which are two completely incorrect assumptions. In this article we take at a look at the common misconceptions about dry carpet cleaning and debunk the myths surrounding this process.

Dry carpet cleaning is not as powerful as other methods

False . With so many carpet types and styles available, there are also a number of different methods and techniques to clean them. Whilst some methods work well for some people, dry carpet cleaning is one of the only processes available that can be used on ALL types of carpet and flooring including sisal, coir and wool.  Just because it is water-free doesn’t mean it is any less effective.

The dry carpet cleaning method offers the operator complete control over a clean where entire surfaces can be cleaned through to focusing on a single, small area of heavily soiled flooring. It cleans and extracts soiling and odours the same as any other method. The only difference – it does not need water and has no drying time.

Left over particles end up re-soiling the carpet

False. Our dry carpet cleaning powder does not leave behind any sticky residues. A good carpet cleaning operator will ensure that compound is removed from carpets before signing off on a clean. However, in some instances, trace amounts of dry carpet cleaning compound can be left behind. This will either dry out completely to a fine dust which is easily vacuumed, or, in some instances, it will absorb and keep hold of fresh soils when they happen, ready for removal when the vacuum cleaner is next used, helping to keep carpets looking cleaner.

Dry carpet cleaning takes longer 

False. With no drying time this process is actually one of the fastest ways to clean a carpet. It is also one of the few methods that allows the operator to concentrate on small area spot cleaning or entire surface cleaning, so time isn’t wasted cleaning areas that do not need it.

Carpets can be in use during and immediately after cleaning, and with no need to wait for water tanks to be filled, mix detergents or connect hoses it is a very quick and efficient process.

Dry carpet cleaning machines can damage the carpet

False. The Envirodri GEN4 dry carpet cleaning machine is available with number of grades of different brush available. All tested and verified for use across a wide range of carpets from delicate wools through to commercial carpet tiles. If the machine is used correctly by a qualified technician or cleaner, with the correct carpet brushes then there is no risk of damage. Equally, as the system does not use water there is no risk of carpet shrinkage, colour running, mould, mildew or damp. 

You need specialist knowledge to use the equipment

False. Following on from the previous point, of course it is beneficial to use a qualified carpet technician when cleaning carpets, however, the dry carpet cleaning process is so simple it can be used by anyone from in-house cleaning teams to any members of staff. There are no complicated controls, dilutions, or settings to worry about. We help you choose the correct grade of brush for the job in hand, and the cleaning process is simple: Vacuum, apply the dry carpet cleaning microsponges, brush in with the machine, vacuum once more. That’s all there is to it.  

It doesn’t offer a deep enough clean

False. The dry carpet cleaning method is able to clean and remove a wide range of oil and water-based spots and spills. Depending on the levels of dirtiness, repeat applications may be necessary, but in terms of general carpet cleaning the dry process does the same job as the others – extracts soils and leaves you with cleaner, fresher carpets.

It is a carpet maintenance cleaning method

True. Dry carpet cleaning is so easy to use and versatile that it is often used as a great way to maintain carpet alongside periodic scheduled deep cleans. Using dry carpet cleaning as a maintenance method not only decreases the requirement for one-off deep cleans, it also helps to keep carpet in the best possible condition, making it last longer by reducing wear, build-up of soils and by re-energising carpet pile.

Dry Carpet Cleaning does not remove tough stains and odour

False. As with all methods to clean a carpet, dry carpet cleaning is available with a range of complimentary products to tackle more specialist spots, stains and odour. This includes the use of the Envirodri carpet spot remover – to tackle very stubborn carpet stains to Envirodri carpet pre-treatment which helps to loosen and lift ground in dirt before cleaning. Other products include our biological odour eliminator and biological carpet and upholstery cleaner – both designed to penetrate deep into carpet pile to target and remove unpleasant odour and soils.


There are many ways to clean a carpet, and what works for one might not work for another, but if you’ve been put off the idea of dry carpet cleaning from the myths surrounding the system maybe now is the time to give it a go. Not only will it save you water and time, but it’ll also ensure you protect your investment by helping carpets last longer. For more information on the system or to contact our team head over to our ‘Envirodri dry carpet cleaning ’ page or contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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