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Carpet Cleaning Industry News, Resources and Opinions from Envirodri

Back to work tips

Start the new year strong with these 5 back to work tips

Here are our five top tips to help get your new year off to good start

Essential Products for Clean Carpets this Christmas

Essential products for clean carpets this Christmas

To help prevent any post-Christmas blues we’ve compiled our top recommendations of essential products for clean carpets this Christmas

How to clean marble flooring

How to clean marble flooring

Because of the natural make-up of marble there are certain techniques and products you should never use. This article looks at the best way to clean and maintain marble flooring to keep its original lustre

difference between biological and non-biological cleaning products

The difference between biological and non-biological cleaning products

We are often taken in by brand image but in cleaning products the ingredients are really what sets a product apart. With a lot of jargon and conflicting information, this blog sets the record straight on the difference between biological and non-biological cleaning products

Cleantec Innovation CleanSeal Approved Products

Envirodri products awarded new CleanSeal certification

Alongside our WoolSafe approved carpet and upholstery cleaning products, we are proud to announce that we are now also CleanSeal certified and will now be carrying this mark of quality on our products.

Cleaning Kitchen

Woman, 30, dies of poisoning after cleaning her kitchen

The risk of ill health or poisoning from toxic cleaning products, although rare, can happen, especially when cleaning for long periods of time and in confined areas.

How to clean a hotel room in under 30 minutes

10 Steps to clean a hotel room in under 30 Minutes

Consistency in cleanliness is an important part of your hotel brand. The use of the correct products and methods alongside a carefully thought out cleaning schedule will ensure excellent guest retention and floods of new custom. These 10 steps to clean a hotel room, along with the free eGuide will ensure a superior clean each time to keep guests happy and coming back.

People walking on carpet

The Perfect 3 Step Carpet Maintenance Plan

If you are responsible for the maintenance of a commercial carpet – this blog post is for you. This simple 3-step guide will cover the most important factors to include in your maintenance plan.

Hand Car Wash Image

Inquiry launched into the environmental impact of hand car washes

The Environmental Audit Committee have launched an enquiry to examine how hand car washes are regulated and what steps need to be taken to ensure they are operated safely and sustainably when it comes to the disposal of waste and cleaning chemicals.

Dirt and Odour Cigarette Butts

How to remove odour from any surface

From waste bins to washroom surfaces, malodour has a way of fixing itself onto any surface. The first step to complete odour removal - get rid of the source

Upholstery Cleaning Machine

What do upholstery cleaning codes mean

All upholstery is marked with a universal code which helps you to identify how it should be cleaned for best results. This useful table of upholstery cleaning codes explains what each one means.

What is biological Cleaning? Cleaning sink with biological cleaning chemicals

What is biological cleaning

The cleaning products market is packed with different solutions, from anti-bacterial through to biological cleaners and enzyme powered formulations, but what is the difference and how do they work? This blog takes a detailed look at biological cleaning products, how they work and how they compare to traditional chemicals

Red Wine Spill on Carpet

Top 5 carpet stains and how to remove them

Removing coffee, wine or other unidentified stains from carpet might seem impossible, but with the right approach and correct products, you'll find they can be easily lifted out in just a few simple steps

Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaning System

What is dry carpet cleaning

There are many different methods to clean a carpet, from hot water extraction cleaning and bonnet pads to encapsulation, steam and dry methods. This blog offers an insight into the dry carpet cleaning method and why it is the popular choice.

Shower Screens in large washroom

How to Keep Shower Screens Free From Limescale

When it comes to shower screens there is good news. Removing limescale from a large, flat surface is pretty easy and can be done quite quickly with little effort depending on the solution you use.

Pink slime in bathroom sink

Where that pink slime in your bathroom comes from and how to get rid of it

The humid, damp environment of a bathroom or washroom is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria which can cause a pinkish residue to build up. This article explains how to prevent and remove it. 

Rubber Stud Safety Flooring

How to Clean Rubber Stud Safety Flooring

With its bumps and crevices, rubber stud flooring can prove difficult to clean, however, with the right approach you can ensure it lasts a lifetime. 

Car covered in snow in the winter

Tips to help keep your car clean during winter

Washing your car can seem like an awful waste of time in the winter, but car cleaning and maintenance during the winter months is vital in order to keep your car safe and protected from the elements

I-Mop Scrubber Drier

I-Mop Scrubber Dryer Review

We put the brand new i-mop scrubber dryer to the test at our offices and this is what we thought

Wet Foor Sign

How to Clean Non-Slip Flooring

With 3D textures, non-slip flooring attracts a wide range of dirt and grime that can be difficult to remove. This article offers p ractical advice on what products and methods to use to clean non-slip flooring

Half eaten box of office doughnuts

Top 20 cleanliness issues that wind up all office workers

Do you sit at your office desk each day, clocking up a tally in your head of all the awful things your colleagues do, or are you guilty of any of these top 20 cleanliness issues that wind up all office workers?

Image of flower and soft flooring

How to completely remove the smell of urine from carpets

Urine is quite possibly the hardest of all odours to eradicate. This article looks into the science of urine and how to remove odour from carpets quickly and with just a couple of products

How to clean a classroom

How to Clean a Classroom to A Star Standards

The impact of both dirt and pollutants along with airborne chemicals from cleaning products can have a serious impact on indoor air quality throughout schools. This article looks at how to clean a classroom to A star standards without the use of toxic products

Messy Office Desk

The Hidden Horrors in your Office Environment

After reading about the hidden horrors beneath your hands in this blog post, it might make you think twice before tucking into that freshly delivered focaccia that’s been sat on your keyboard

Jumping in a puddle

Carpet Care Tips for Winter

During winter it is vital to develop and implement a proactive carpet cleaning and care plan to keep flooring hygienic and well maintained throughout the wet and cold months